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Carmex Concentrated Ointment

Our interest in skin care began when certain customers (fishermen, potters, ranchers, nurses—people whose skin was repeatedly stressed) told us that our Original Jar lip balm formula was the only moisturizer that actually helped their cracked, dry skin problems. This thick, concentrated healing ointment was designed with trouble spots in mind, with a super-charged mix of softening ingredients that promotes healing and helps prevent future problems.

  • Our anhydrous (waterless) formula uses petrolatum to create a thick barrier, aiding moisturization as it soothes skin.
  • Formulas with increased levels of rich lanolin replicate the way your lipid bilayer (part of your skin) retains moisture.
  • Our Healing Ointment includes cetyl esters to create an occlusive barrier and help add softness to your skin.


Carmex Cold Sore Treatment

Carmex® Cold Sore Treatment

Hide your cold sore while you treat it.

Carmex Original Jar

One Billion Smiles Later

Our exclusive blend moisturizes, prevents dryness, and gently treats cold sore symptoms.

Carmex Moisture Plus® Clear

Carmex Moisture Plus®

Ultra hydration. Ultra shine. Ultra chic. Make a statement with the stylish new Limited Edition Carmex Moisture Plus® Collection with vitamin E, aloe, and SPF 15.