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Original Tube

There’s a reason this is our best seller. The Original Tube provides soothing relief that aids moisturization in a squeezable applicator allowing users control over how much or how little they apply to their lips. The smooth-glide tube formula eases over tender, cracked lips with a "lip feel" that is very popular with users – not too thick and not too waxy.

  • A formula with menthol and camphor provides cooling pain relief.
  • Our glide-on balm includes cocoa butter for smooth, velvety feel plus a touch of mineral oil to help soften and hydrate skin.
  • Your skin’s lipid bilayer is made up of two layers of fatty acids; its job is to help keep moisture in the skin. Our Original Tube includes lanolin, which replicates the way the lipid bilayer in your skin retains moisture.

Other Flavors: Cherry Tube | Strawberry Tube

Carmex Cold Sore Treatment

Carmex® Cold Sore Treatment

Hide your cold sore while you treat it.

Carmex Moisture Plus® Clear

Carmex Moisture Plus®

Ultra hydration. Ultra shine. Ultra chic. Make a statement with the stylish new Limited Edition Carmex Moisture Plus® Collection with vitamin E, aloe, and SPF 15.

Carmex Healing Ointment

Carmex Healing Ointment

Made to take on painful cracking and chapping, delivering deep healing to your skin’s trouble spots.