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Limited Edition Carmex Moisture Plus® Whimsical

The Whimsical stick is inspired by Skye, the free-spirited, nature-lover. Skye is the girl whose ideal weekend is spent camping in the woods, soaking up the beauty of the wilderness. She prefers clothes that allow her to express her creativity, without restraining her from going on a spur-of-the-moment hike. Jeans and a tunic or organic cotton maxi dresses are her everyday favorites. On a Saturday night you’ll likely find her at an outdoor concert or music festival surrounded by like-minded people.

Name: Skye

Fashion Icon: Joni Mitchell

Words to live by: "Reduce, reuse, recycle."

Her style in one word: Carefree

Go-to outfit: Patterned maxi dress

Statement shoes: Flat leather sandals

Other Styles: Chic |  Adventurous |  Fab |  Whimsical

Carmex Original Tube

Original Tube

Just what dry, chapped lips need: a blend of ingredients that moisturize, soothe and protect.

Carmex Original Stick

Original Stick

Our stick formula offers exceptional moisturizing plus broad spectrum sun protection.

Carmex Hydrating Lotion

Hydrating Lotion

The moment our ultra-emulsified lotion soaks in, you’ll notice the difference. It’s that fast. It’s that good.